Friday, August 5, 2011

DoW: They say they don't make things up...

In their ongoing war against environmental truth, Defenders of Wildlife just put out an article entitled "We Can't Make These Things Up", professing horror that NM Game & Fish have lifted their ban on trapping.

Author James Navarro wrote: "At least 14 endangered Mexican gray wolves have been caught in traps set for other animals, and many have been injured. Two were so badly maimed that their afflicted legs had to be amputated."

What the article doesn't bother pointing out is that Mexican wolves are damaged by trapping by the Mexican wolf program people themselves, in their incessant messing with the animals to replace batteries in collars, perform veterinary exams, give vaccinations and sometimes to haul adult wolves back to civilization to be force-bred and pups to be captive raised.

Defenders of Wildlife may not make things up, but they are notorious for not telling the full story. The Mexican wolf program is the biggest abuser of Mexican wolves there is.

As always, I urge people to read the Mexican wolf program's monthly and annual reports if they want the full truth.

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