Monday, December 10, 2007

Water rights - protect them or go thirsty!

We have two attempts to get at our water here in Catron County - combined, they add up to sucking almost 18 billion gallons of water from our aquifers each year.

Protect your water rights - get your protest letter out so it is received no later than close of business, Monday Dec 17, in the Office of the State Engineer of New Mexico.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Re: [One Still Free] New comment on FW: Wolf-Proof Shelters Go Up for School Kids .

Jess: You are so right to point out that a good number of residents of Catron County live with the danger of habituated wolves every day of their lives. I think the pit bull analogy is right on. Many people know what it is like to be unable to sleep at night worrying about some problem over which you have little to no control - it could be pit bull packs, a health issue, your job at risk, drug dealers on your corner, serial rapists or killers. Whatever it is, you worry about it day and night and it affects the quality of your life.

It is no different here with the wolves. You lay awake at night, jumping at the least sound coming from outside, rushing out the door with a flashlight to see why the horses or other animals are restless. If your dog is late coming to breakfast, you start
figuring out how to tell the kids that it's never coming back. You have to make a decision as to whether it's safe to let your child walk to school by himself because the boss says you've got to start getting to work on time, so you can't take your child to school and keep your job, too. You go over your finances in your head endlessly, trying to figure out how many more calves you can lose before you can't stay in business any more.

And you read the fictions written by people who so want the wolf program to be the way they want it to be rather than the way it is that they dismiss all your concerns as fabrications and your stomach churns and churns.

I tell you what - if my child, my horse, my dog or my anything was harmed by a wolf, I'd sue the tar out of every single organization and individual who supports the rotten wolf program and who fights improvements that are based on reality, not fiction.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Global warming is over!

Just when you thought that we were all going to drown or fry because
of global warming... here's an interesting bit of info (facts!) about
the subject.

Global Temperatures are Uncorrelated with Carbon Dioxide Trends This
Last Decade, By Joseph D'Aleo, CCM

ICECAP (International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment
Project) is an excellent site for facts, not hype, about this
planet's climate. I recommend poking through it.

FW: Wolf-Proof Shelters Go Up for School Kids

Michael Robinson of the Center for Biological Diversity is quoted in an article in the Albququerque Journal by Rene Romo as saying that bus stop shelters built to protect Catron County children from the threat of wolves are a stunt "designed to get the sympathy of the public when the real concern is safety of their livestock."

Has Mr. Robinson contacted the school in question to see how many of the children protected by the shelters are from livestock-owning families?  Has Mr. Romo bothered to do any research at all, or is he just writing for sensationalism, the safety of the children in question be damned?

It has always amazed me how willing people who don't live in the area in question are so fast to question the motives of those who are directly impacted by the wolf program, and to cast blame on the impacted people for the failure of the program.  Has it never occurred to anyone that if the program has not succeeded, the basic premises upon which the program is based may be faulty?  Let me remind the reader that the Mexican wolf is an experimental population, and the program is supposed to be adaptively managed - but is it?


Instead of a true scientific experiment in which the outcome is not pre-determined, what we have is a program whose outcome has been pre-determined and mightily defended by non-local, non-impacted groups.  Note that certain environmental groups who have most resisted adaptive management just happen to be associated with agendas which require the ousting of ranchers and others who live in and use the areas the groups have identified as "needing" to be wild, no matter that private lands and local economies are run over in the process (research "sky islands" and "rewilding" to see what groups are affiliated with the concept).  These groups use litigation, deceptive language and pseudo science to force their point of view, and somehow are accorded more credibility than the victims of this farce - the local residents - who are accused of falsehoods, as if they had some sort of weird willingness to lie about their children in order to protect livestock they have no financial interest in. 

We expect the sort of situation where programs and pogroms are forced on people to occur in countries where the citizens have no rights.  Yet here it is happening right in our own country.  Here we have eco-terrorism and unlawful taking of property and rights disguised as "environmentalism for the betterment of the planet".  What a sad situation when environmentalists would rather risk the lives of children than even admit there could be something to what we've been saying all along, down here in Mexican wolf country where you all don't live.