Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lawsuits Are Not Environmentalism

The truth about Center for Biological Diversity
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When the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) asks for donations, most people likely think they’re contributing to projects that will improve the environment. But it just ain’t so. CBD has become a money-making litigation machine. They aren’t out there with shovels and seeds, working on the environment, they’re paying lawyers, sneaking onto private property to spy on conditions and – if they don’t find the conditions sufficiently bad to claim the property owner is ruining the environment- they’re publishing phony photos of "environmental devastation". No actual environmental work going on that CBD is doing - just about everything they do these days is rather to support litigation.

Yeah, it may seem like CBD’s litigation is for the good of endangered plants and animals, but when you start looking at the results of what they do you start noticing the real cost to humans and environment alike. This is because CBD activities, particularly litigation, are not environment-driven, but rather CBD agenda-driven. They’re not shy about their plans to evict private property owners from their own land, to create Gardens of Eden in their Sky Islands. No matter that some of the species in the areas being touted as endangered aren’t endangered (or never even lived in the place – look at the weird Mexican wolf situation). No matter that so much of the litigation results in grinding the US Constitution into the dirt. When they win note that someone else always has to bear the burden of environmentalism – never CBD. No, CBD lawyers and CBD personnel are all living nice, safe, well-funded lives, while the rest of us pay and pay and pay – either by losing property, losing our rights, or by being scammed for the donations CBD says it needs to “protect the environment”. All that money, effort, suffering by property owners – and none of it for actual environmental work, just lawsuits. Paperwork, that’s all it is – but it’s not solving problems, it’s causing more.

Humans are a legitimate species on this planet, too – a fact that CBD and other radical, terrorist environmental groups ignore. None of their projects, their agendas or their litigation truly take into account the human right to live and thrive on this planet.

God created the Garden of Eden to have people in it. It was Satan who caused people to have to leave that Garden. Kinda makes you think about CBD, doesn’t it?


Here’s a list of articles about recent litigation by CBD. I might add to it over time – I can only look at this information for so long before it makes me sick. Not that the critters involved don’t need protecting, but CBD is doing nothing for them, only filing lawsuits. Lawsuits are not environmentalism!

Loggerhead turtles lawsuit with Oceana Inc. and Turtle Island Restoration Environmental Law360 -

Two ocean species of turtles lawsuit with Oceana and the Turtle Island Restoration Network Twilight Earth -

Ocean acidification impacts lawsuit Switchboard, from NRDC -

Desert Lizard lawsuit

Global warming impacts lawsuit against six (6) federal agencies. Global warming is a THEORY, people!

Coal-Fired Power Plants lawsuit

Improper jaguar killing lawsuit

Stop beach driving lawsuit

Desert tortoise lawsuit with the Sierra Club, and the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

Force the DOI consider listing the American pika as threatened or endangered lawsuit

Snowy Plover

California red-legged frogs and San Francisco garter snakes; notice of intent to sue.

Nevada water project lawsuit.

Protect wildlife and roadless areas in CA, with 6 other environmental groups.

Block thinning of trees in AZ lawsuit (note that because the thinning was stopped, the result was one of the largest forest fires in the US)

North Fork Eel River lawsuit

Raptor habitat (as compensation for wind turbine kills) lawsuit

Bighorns lawsuit

Ely NV travel management appeal

Freshwater turtle harvest lawsuit

Not enough land designated “critical habitat” lawsuit

Enough! I can’t stand to look at more of these.

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