Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu or Swindle the Public?

In the news today: President Obama Tuesday sent a letter to Congress asking for $1.5 billion to fight the swine flu outbreak, a request he said he was making “out of an abundance of caution,” as U.S. officials confirmed 64 cases of swine flu, including five individuals who had to be hospitalized.

Excuse me - didn’t we get into the economic crisis we’re in today because of spending too much money we didn’t have on too much stuff we didn’t need? Aren’t we all – the taxpayer who is going to have to cough up this money that Obama is spending – being told to stay out of debt right now? Shouldn't our government be following its own advice?

Abundance of caution??? With all due respect to a President of the USA, it appears that he is doing his best to drive this country down the tubes, throwing economic caution to the winds.

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