Sunday, October 28, 2007

There’s nothing wrong with being a terrorist, as long as you win.

I have long resented the fact that I can't call myself an environmentalist any more. I have no desire to be boxed in with those new "environmentalist" who, with their well-funded new-think, have convinced most people that homo sapiens, rather than cockroaches, are now the lowest form of life on the planet, and that the whole planet
would be better off if homo sapiens were just exterminated. These extremist greens somehow have forgotten that humans evolved on the same planet, and that *real* environmentalism would include *all* species - not just non-human species.

These NTEs (New-Think Evironmentalists) have made environmentalism a faith-based movement that ignores science. Their guilt-based evangelism has gained them immense funding, and their tactics range from litigation to acts of terrorism. Notice that, like other fanatical faith-based movements, there doesn't seem to be any practice of the faith itself: NTEs don't actually practice any environmentalism, they just proselytize about it. And interestingly enough, they all seem to hold themselves apart from the rest of us low-life homo sapiens types - they get to remain here on the new, improved version of Earth while we get exterminated.

An interesting collection of extremist "green" thought is at The Antisocialist.


sisterflash said...

Great Article. Glad to see more like me on the blogsphere.

antisocialist said...

Thank you, my brother (or sister). Alas, the antisocialist is calling it quits for good. But my blog will still be up and running.

I dig your work here. Keep on keeping on.

Just incidentally, the last two years I've really researched the environmental claims; sadly, the posts I've written on the subject, under my "evironmentalism" or "green politics" category, are only the tip of the iceberg. Environmentalism truly is - and this is spoken without any hyperbole - a completely fraudulent philosophy, built upon fraudulent premises, repackaged socialism, a power-play, or in the words of Patrick Michaels, co-founder of Greenpeace, "environmentalism is repackaged Marxism."

cred said...

Environmentalism has become a power/money business. Do the so-called environmentalists really care about the environment? If they did, maybe they'd go out and do something that got dirt under their fingernails, instead of litigating, litigating, litigating (and collecting donations).