Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mandatory Almond Pasteurization is WRONG!!!

It seems that, as of September 2007, raw almonds from CA and maybe elsewhere will no longer be "truly raw" due to a mandate passed by the USDA, FDA and the California Almond Board which says that all almonds including organic must be pasteurized.

Apparently pasteurized almonds available in the marketplace will still be labeled as raw almonds. Is this the goofiest thing you ever heard of? How can something be considered raw if it has been pasturized? Do you really want to be eating pasturized (dead) nuts and seeds? Isn't this fraudulent? Are you willing to give up your food freedom choices?

Information is available at the following link:Action Plan and Pasteurization - Frequently Asked Questions

Mandatory Almond Pasteurization is WRONG!!!

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