Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mexican wolves

I won't hide the fact that I'm pretty darn unhappy with the Mexican wolf "reintroduction" program. There's so many falsehoods being passed around out there that it is pitiful.

Most of the people who are pro-wolf (but who don't live in Mexican wolf country) are automatically pro-"reintroduction" program. They don't have a clue how the program is run, and they believe the propaganda out there that the locals who have to submit to the program - at very high personal cost (that's out of their own bank accounts, gentle reader) - are all anti-wolf.

Ain't so. People here in Mexican wolf country are anti-program, not anti-wolf. So when you start bashing people who are protesting this program (and they aren't all ranchers, contrary to what the propaganda tells you), you might stop a moment and ask yourself this: Where did you get the info that forms your belief? From shiny magazines with lots of money behind them? Or from the source, the people who are living with this program?

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oncebitten said...

Right on cred! watching video of a pair of wolves in a front yard recently made me sick at heart. That little female wolf was not habituated before the mismanagement of the Alpha male made her so. We here hate the management not the critter.